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Thanks for connecting with Hodgson Leadership Solutions. It’s been a busy summer, but I hope you are doing well and also had some down time with family and friends.     
As we head into the fall, our September Newsletter focus is on practical ways we can improve our work environment.

     As I am sure you know, healthcare providers are at especially high risk, with some research suggesting our risks are almost doubled. Our chronic exposure to stress can cause physical and emotional exhaustion, dulling of caring responses to patients, and negatively impact our personal relationships.

     While we are at greater risk of burnout, it is not inevitable.  There are practical steps we can take to create a less hostile work environment and improve our quality of life as well as the quality of the healthcare we deliver.

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Just Released!
Healing the System - A Prescription for Rejuvenating the Heart in Healthcare
by John McB. Hodgson, MD 

If you are frustrated and fatigued with an impersonal, administrative-heavy system, long work hours, ad lack of respect and autonomy, this book will encourage you with practical solutions to challenges that plague our healthcare systems.

Amazon Rankings
#1 in Physician & Patient Caregiving
#1 in Health Risk Assessment
#1 in Health Care Delivery

One of our first reviews:

“Well worth the time to read and carefully consider the reality of the problems we face in healthcare. It contains some extremely practical and, indeed, pragmatic approaches to resolving or lessening the dysfunction.”

Lorick Fox, MPAS, PA-C, AACC 
My goal in writing this book was to attempt to address issues that we actually have control over and which we can impact with simple changes to the way we approach care.  Rather than expect government to “reform healthcare” I believe that we are far better equipped to make changes on the front lines that can impact our work environment, that of our administrator colleagues and, most importantly, the patients we care for.

Healing the System – A Prescription for Rejuvenating the Heart in Healthcare

by Dr. John McB. Hodgson

Chapter 1 – How We Got Here
“Rather than being practitioners of the mission to serve the poor and ill, we have become a mechanism to ensure sufficient income and economic viability.”



 “Packing as much as possible into each day may be good for the bottom line, but it is short-sighted, and we are now all paying the price for overlooking community-building.  We do not have to practice in an environment that feels increasingly hostile, isolated, and uncomfortable. Those days can be behind us.”

Professional coaching is underutilized in medicine.  We experience very busy schedules, make life altering decisions, and fight fatigue every day. Having someone who can look at the big picture and help us navigate can result in many positive outcomes.

Just SIX healthcare coaching sessions for 88 practicing Mayo Clinic physicians improved quality of life, resilience, job satisfaction, engagement and meaning at work.  Read the results of the randomized clinical trial.

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