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“Well worth the time to read and carefully consider the reality of the problems we face in healthcare. It contains some extremely practical and, indeed, pragmatic approaches to resolving or lessening the dysfunction.”

—Lorick Fox, MPAS, PA-C, AACC

As a healthcare provider, do you feel frustrated and fatigued with an impersonal, administrative-heavy system where you don’t feel your opinion matters? Do you feel powerless to effect change? You’re not alone! Provider burnout is rampant due to bureaucratic overload, long work hours, and the lack of community, respect, and autonomy at work. But these issues can be addressed without significant expense or a major system overhaul. Dr. John McB. Hodgson’s approach to healthcare change re-empowers healthcare providers to do what they love to do—care for patients, solve problems, and influence the delivery system.

In Healing the System, Dr. Hodgson draws on his experience as a seasoned cardiologist to suggest easy-to-implement changes that healthcare providers and administrators can make to combat the increasingly dysfunctional environment typical of current practice. These simple changes can bring a sense of fulfillment, joy, and satisfaction back to the practice of medicine, and the entire system will be energized. Hodgson’s solutions includegetting back to missional purpose, rather than focusing solely on the numbers; empowering teams and community; encouraging equity in the place where providers practice; involving providers in administrative functions and decision making; and honoring one another, no matter the position or the department.The message in this book encourages physicians and other healthcare delivery professionals to create an environment and culture in which everyone can thrive.

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Dr. John McB. Hodgson

September 2022 News

Healthcare providers are at especially high risk, with some research suggesting our risks are almost doubled. Our chronic exposure to stress can cause physical and emotional exhaustion, dulling of caring responses to patients, and negatively impact our personal relationships. Continue reading

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Medical Necessity?

I have been providing cardiology care for patients for years.  Today was an example of how challenging providing high quality cardiology care has become. I sent a patient for emergency open heart surgery today.   He should have gone last week. Continue reading

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physician leadership

Silo Syndrome

Physician leadership sometimes means stopping the work to support the worker.  Here’s an example.  “I’m not sure why I chose this job!”  A very competent and normally confident advanced nurse practitioner came to me recently and was distressed about a patient she had seen who was nearing the end of life.  She felt ill-equipped to have end-of-life discussions or shoulder the difficult questions or decisions that would occur with the patient and his family.  The full weight of provider responsibility and the impact we have on patient outcomes was especially heavy that morning. Continue reading

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heathcare education, Healing the System: A Prescription for Rejuvenating the Hearts of Healthcare Providers, healthcare consultants, Dr. John McB. Hodgson

Averting a U.S. Healthcare Crisis

While 15,000 Minnesota nurses walk off their jobs and others consider following suit, delivering quality U.S. healthcare is increasingly challenging. Administrators and front-line workers are at odds. According to Dr. Hodgson, “Provider dissatisfaction is at an all time high. Chronic workplace stress has caused over half of U.S. healthcare workers to experience burnout. This crisis was predicable but also solvable. There are readily implementable solutions to the increasingly hostile, isolated, and uncomfortable healthcare environment.” Continue reading

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physician coach

The Power of Encouragement

As a physician coach and practicing physician, I can assure you that of us crave encouragement. Whether we are just starting to walk as a toddler, or accepting a new position as a company CEO, our success can be enhanced by a word of encouragement. In the healthcare provider world, young physicians work their way through college, medical school, residency, and fellowship before they ever have what most would call a “real job.” Continue reading

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