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Healthcare Leadership

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Dr. John Mc.B. Hodgson is a globally acclaimed conference speaker who adds tremendous value to healthcare leadership conferences.


Dr. John McB. Hodgson is available for events and staff training.  Employee empowerment, team culture, and mutual respect are key components for positive change.

remote speaking

Dr. John McB. Hodgson is experienced with remote speaking opportunities.  His team is adept at handling technical requirements for flawless delivery.


Dr. John McB.Hodgson serves on numerous boards and serves as a corporate advisor to a variety of corporations.  His invaluable healthcare leadership training transcends healthcare settings.


Healthcare Care Delivery

With experience in multiple settings, our team can assist you in developing processes that empower excellentpatient care in an fficient and encouraging environment.

Cardiac Care delivery

Cardiac care delivery is our specialty, whether in rural or university settings.  Let us help you design and implement novel, efficient and productive systems.

Healthcare Leadership

Healthcare leadership training for providers is lacking.  Let us partner with you to empower leadership skills and employee empowerment to encourage system participation and effect change. 

employee empowerment
You don't Have to Burn Out, Stay Stuck in Conflict, or compromise your values. Revitalize Yourself and Your Team. We Have the Prescription.
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