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Dr. John McB. Hodgson is a certified life coach.

Healthcare Coaching


Team Training & coaching

Healthcare coaching for your teams can improve communication, reduce conflict, increase productivity, and enhance patient outcomes.  Dr. John McB. Hodgson is a world reknown physician,  with both the instincts and the abilities to empower progress for providers and systems, resulting in overall quality improvement in healthcare.

Individual Coaching

Individual healthcare coaching is proven to reduce burnout, improve work/life balance, and enhance professional performance.  When individual coaching is provided by certified life coach Dr. John McB. Hodgson, you can be assured that his experience, expertise, and compassion will be the right prescription for your personal progress.


health care coaching, quality improvement in healthcare

quality improvement in healthcare IS POSSIBLE

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Certified Life coach Benefits
for Healthcare Coaching

Physician/Provider Coaching

Whether you are in training and trying to sort out your next career steps, a recent graduate starting you first practice job, facing a career challenge, or contemplating end of career options, we can assist you in discovering solutions that will work for your situation.

Healthcare Team Coaching

Healthcare teams do not have to be adversarial or stressful.  Having experienced many different environments and seen what works and what does not, we can empower your team to function more effectively to deliver the quality healthcare you desire.

Healthcare System Coaching

Healthcare is a complex environment with seemingly conflicting objectives and constraints.  We do not believe it has to be that way! Let us help you think creatively to enable your system to be cost-effective, efficient and high quality improvement in healthcare that both providers and patients deserve.

Healthcare Coaching Specialties

Physician Burnout

Physician burnout is on the rise as expectations increase and staff and system capabilities decrease. You don't have to stay trapped. We can help you heal yourself and transform the system. Let's talk.

Healthcare Leadership Training

Training your team is one of the most effective ways you can effectively transform burned out people and broken systems. Our insightful training and practical applications are proven to generate high quality improvement in healthcare.

Healthcare Employee Empowerment Coaching

Healthcare happens in Teams. Coaching team leaders can empower and energize every healthcare employee in the system.

Nurse Practitioner Coaching

Nurse practitioners carry a heavy load. Coaching provides practical training to improve communications and conflict resolution skills, lead teams, and solve system problems

Physician Assistant Coaching

Physician Assistants are invaluable leaders and team members. Physician Assistant coaching will empower personal growth and equip with the skills needed to elevate team performance.

Healthcare workforce Coach

There aren't any healthcare providers immune to burnout, workplace conflict, and performance apathy. Healthcare workforce coaching breathes life back in to healthcare providers and systems that are running on fumes.

common Healthcare Coaching Questions
And Why Being a Certified Life Coach Matters

We provide services tailored to your needs.  Our job is to encourage and empower you or your system to identify the key issues you face, the solutions to your problems and then to empower you to accomplish the needed changes.  

Sessions are typically one hour long and can be accomplished easily by phone or video conference.

Coaching is not typically covered by insurance (it is not counseling).  However, many institutions have provision to pay for coaching sessions.

For a circumscribed issue it typically requires four sessions to develop an action plan.  For more complex issues, ongoing sessions may be desired. 

Everything we discuss in sessions is confidential and nothing will be shared without your permission.

Typically, a brief phone consultation will be needed to ensure that we are a good “fit” for you needs and to establish a plan for sessions.

Individual coaching is billed at $175/hour with a minimum of 4 hours.  Longer term arrangements can be negotiated if desired.

Coaching is not counseling.  A brief phone consultation can help us both determine if coaching is right for you.  In coach sessions, the agenda is driven by you and our job is to help you accomplish your goals.

Coaching can be done individually, or in small groups.  It depends on the issue you are trying to address. We can determine the best option during an initial phone consultation.

Since coaching is specific to the unique issues you wish to address, then is not a one size fits all set of tools.  Materials will be provided based on the issues discussed and challenges presented.

If we determine that  group sessions are needed, this can rarely be done on one day, unless we schedule an on-site full day experience.  We can determine what is right for you on a phone consultation.

You don't Have to Burn Out, Stay Stuck in Conflict, or compromise your values. Revitalize Yourself and Your Team. We Have the Prescription.
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